What We Do

Preventive Maintenance


Reduce Costs & Downtime

Scheduling your Preventive Maintenance service is a great way to get proactive on any looming repairs you may not know you need. A Coffee Physics technician will inspect your equipment's components and alert you to any small leaks that may become serious hazards to both the equipment’s electrical system and/or the barista themselves.

A small leak is usually a quick easy repair unless it goes unnoticed and damages other parts of the equipment. This also greatly reduces the risk of needing a much larger repair (and down time) down the road that would hinder you or your shop’s ability to craft beverages for your customers.


Quality & Performance

If you’re not keeping up to date with your coffee equipment’s preventive maintenance, the quality of your equipment’s product output will gradually decrease. Coffee equipment manufacturers intend for their machines to operate at a certain peak level of performance. This cannot be achieved by a machine without proper upkeep. The same can be said for coffee roasters and the beans they supply. It would be a shame to taint a well balanced coffee roast with dirty, unmaintained components or even brew on equipment that is far out of calibration.


 Connect With Your Tech

Preventive Maintenance is a great time to ask your Coffee Physics technician any questions you’ve been having about your coffee equipment! Whether it’s cleaning habits, machine functions or any other curiosities you may have; Our technicians will do their best to provide answers and to offer tips that could help you out based on their findings.

So let’s get you on the schedule so we can take a look under the hood and maybe have a coffee :)