What We Do



Espresso, Brewing & Grinding

Coffee Physics technicians are trained and certified by most large brand name manufacturers in the industry. Whether it's commercial grade or home brewing equipment, we've got you covered! Coffee Physics maintains high service standards by keeping pace with the world of coffee equipment and its manufacturers' technical specifications.



Whether you're opening a coffee shop or just got an awesome espresso machine at home that you're itching to fire up; Coffee Physics technicians are ready to help get you up and running! Site surveys, installations and calibrations.


Water Filtration

Water quality is the foundation of every piece of brewing equipment. From equipment longevity to quality output; water is everything. Coffee Physics will help you to ensure you're feeding your equipment (and palates) with the proper water conditions for optimal output. Our technicians can evaluate your current water supply or get you set up with a water filtration system that is adequate for your brewing equipment.