Who are we?

We are a family of coffee lovers & knowledgeable technicians aiming for exceptional customer service as we provide the essential technical expertise to repair and maintain the best coffee equipment for our customers. Beyond our passion for service, we also understand the ever-evolving needs of the coffee industry and work to continue learning as we go.

Everything matters to us - the equipment, the service and the products. We partner with our customers to help them create the optimum coffee experience in their restaurant, home, cafe, office, boat...you name it.

We pride ourselves in what we do! It's that simple. #WeFixItYouBrewIt


Maria Muñoz

Owner / Founder


Gustavo Muñoz

Owner / Founder


Felipe Pulido

Trainer / Technician


Salvador Aceves

Equipment Technician


Sean Kelly

Equipment Technician


Laura Rodriguez

Office Admin / Billing Technician